5 Bodyweight Exercises that Help Build Your Back

body weight exercises and chiropracticFor chiropractic patients, back strength is a major priority. But in today’s challenging times, going to the gym regularly is not an option for most. Fortunately, there are ways for you to increase your back strength without a gym – you don’t even necessarily need any equipment. You can use your own bodyweight to get a stronger back.

There are countless bodyweight exercises out there, so you have plenty to choose from. But to make things easier, we have collected five of our favorite bodyweight exercises for back strength. Please check them out and try out one or two that look appealing. And remember, if you feel any pain or you are worried about hurting yourself, be sure to reach out to your chiropractor to discuss the exercises before you try them.

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4 Outdoor Activities That Are Good for Your Spine

outdoor activities and chiropracticSummer is right around the corner, and with warmer weather, the desire to get outside and exercise comes naturally. But if you are struggling with back pain or dealing with a back injury, choosing the right exercise is important. You can benefit a lot from exercise, but you want to be gentle on your spine so you can avoid injury and continue regular exercise. Here are four fun outdoor activities that can help you stay fit while avoiding unnecessary strain on your back.

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Why Focusing On Your Core Is So Important To Maintaining a Healthy Spine

core exercises chiropracticTo many fitness enthusiasts, the core is everything. What is ‘core’? Core refers to your abdominal area, including your front abdominal muscles – but it also refers to the other surrounding areas of your body’s center, like your back and sides. Your core kind of holds everything together, so it’s extremely important that you keep it strong to avoid putting unnecessary strain on other parts of your body like your spine.

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